Mandatory TrumpCoin wallet/nodes upgrade coming Nov 30th - Dec 5th. Click here to read more

Immediate Release

For Immediate Release: Trumpcoin Crypto Software Update Nov 26th - Nov 30th

Over the last 18 months, Trumpcoin has grown over 3000% and added thousands of Patriots Worldwide.

Because of that support, your dedicated Trumpcoin Team is proud to announce a long needed Software Update to our locally installed wallets. This update will keep us on the leading edge of the Crytpo world and allow us to keep update to date with exchanges looking to add us to their platforms, it will be rolled at the end of November 2021. You will be required to update your wallet before our blockchain reaches block 1.3 million. Check blockchain block height at

Because of the overwhelming support, donations and growth, the Trumpcoin has enlisted a dedicated group of Patriots to build, develop and uphold the mission of Trumpcoin.

Please stay tuned to our website at for updates, news and more exciting announcements, and instructions on how to upgrade to our latest wallet release before the 1.3 million block deadline. This update will not affect the amount of coins you currently hold but you MUST update your wallet before we reach block 1.3 Million or you will not be able to send or receive coins on our blockchain.

To all the dedicated Patriots out there, just like you Trumpcoin is working to support conservative values worldwide and ensure the future of FREEDOM is protected. Thank you for your unwavering support.

TrumpCoin Development Team

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